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Origin Story

Down the memory lane

Lilahpads are over 5 years old! It all started about 6 years ago with a pair of scissors and my husband's favourite flannel shirt.. Read on to find out more :) 

What did you think when you heard about cloth pads for the very first time? I was excited as I wanted to become less wasteful but a menstrual cup just didn't do it for me. I always preferred sanitary pads and so I started searching for reusable cloth pads. I knew what I wanted but I just couldn't find it anywhere. I wanted amazing quality, organic materials, waterproof, pretty to look at and white. I like being able to see the colour of my period as it can reveal a lot about your overall health. Since every pad I could find had something I didn't like I designed my own (my husband's favourite flannel shirt was destroyed in this process and for that I am very sorry!). Once I was happy with the shapes and sizes of each Lilahpad I bought the best quality fabrics and made my very own set. My friends and family were my first 'customers' and then the word spread out and the rest is history :) 




Simona McKinnon

Owner and maker

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